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North Adams 8

Heavy duty gears for the well-traveled adventurer.

Traveling multiple places with only a backpack is something that most people do. Not because it’s comfortable, but because it’s more convenient compared to lugging multiple bags as you go around.

The problem is, it’s very tiring.

You wouldn’t be doing it in the first place if you have a bag that can accommodate a week’s worth of clothing and all your travel must-haves.

As a serial traveler who has been to 150 countries and still counting, Jeannie Adams understands how you feel. Despite the inconvenience it causes, she still finds it difficult to do light packing. To her, everything she has in her bag counts as necessary.

In her hopes to find a carry-on bag that has ample space for all her things, but isn’t too big that it would need to be checked-in, she started North Adams 8.


Our 50L duffel bags are made especially for people bitten by the travel bug. You can travel to 10 countries in 25 days with no check-in baggage, thus saving you from hundreds of dollars worth of baggage fees. Of course, it’s still wise to stick with the 7 kilos standard weight limit. It’s a safety precaution after all. So don’t forget to weigh your bags! You can even get a free digital weighing scale when you purchase “The Wanderlust Starter Set.”


Winter offers breathtaking views of winter wonderlands, exhilarating snow activities, and challenging mountain hikes. However, winter also means that you have to bring a number of jackets to keep you warm. Just looking at a standard fleece jacket, you already know how much space it will occupy on your luggage. And it’s all good if you only have to bring one which you can wear. However, if you’re planning to bring extras for a winter OOTD series, then you might have a packing problem (no pun intended! LOL).To save you from the trouble, we have designed a series of winter coats and jackets that are light, stylish, easy to pack, and doesn’t take so much space, but will be able to keep you warm even in negative temperatures.

We also have trendy thermal wear, because why not? Just because it’s hidden, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good, right?


We got all sorts of traveling essentials that every girl must have. Rebottle your favorite skincare products in spill-proof containers. Don’t worry about hanging your towel wet, we have portable clothesline so you can dry it without laying it on dirty surface.